Top 10 Basketball Players from India

Top 10 Basketball Players from India

Basketball Players from India

Basketball Players from India: Here are the top ten players who are considered to be the very best in India. Yes, we all know that India is still upcoming and not on par with the other countries in the world. But these players stand out from the rest for sure, and they can make it big internationally. These Indian hoopsters can make it big, and we all have faith in them, that one day, they will make the nation proud. 

Basketball Players from India

Let us get on with the article, the top 10 basketball players of India. 

The following list includes the top 10 basketball players in our country. 

#1. Yadwinder Singh

Yadwinder Singh

He is number one on our list. Yadwinder Singh is an ONGC forward and belongs to the list of the very few experienced campaigners in a younger squad. He has played in three editions of the FIBA Asian Championships in the year 2011, 2013 as well as in 2015. This is the reason why he plays an essential role in the team. His vast experience of playing physically stronger as well as more experienced foreign teams is one of his strengths. He is a role model to the younger players of the squad. He is very tall as well. 

Even though he is one of the older players of the team, currently at the age of 29, Yadwinder Singh is a powerhouse on the court. He is filled with energy, and his high pace and stamina are one of the main factors that carry the Indian basketball team forward towards more significant victories. Apart from all the qualities that were just mentioned, Yadwinder Singh is also known to be one of the multiple vocal players on the pitch. He is always looking to get on with the ball and create more chances to score good points. 

#2. Prasanna Venkatesh

Prasanna Venkatesh

The second Indian Basketball player on this list is none other than Prasanna Venkatesh. He might just be at the tender age of 23, but he has already been on the Indian Circuit for some time now. This Tamil Nadu cager was first introduced to the sport at a very young age after he had joined the sports hostel in the city of Neyvelli when he was in Grade Eight. 

Later on, when he got a bit older, the Indian Overseas Bank picked him up in his teenage years, and that was when he discovered his true potential and started upping his game. 

He is now by far one of the best hustlers in this country. Prasanna Venkatesh is one of the rare few players who are very genuine in defending the team. His endless energy and the stamina which he shows only helps him play his best and create more competition in the game. Prasanna Venkatesh’s contribution as a guard, which is his position in the court is significant to the team when it comes to beating other stronger opponents such as the basketball team of the Philippines. 

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Vishesh Bhriguvanshi

Vihesh Bhriguvanshi is only 25 years old and is easily one of the most influential players in the Indian Basketball team. He has already at his young age captained the Indian side in the last year’s FIBA Asia Championship, and could continue to play a vital role in the inspiration of the younger members of the Indian Basketball team. 

This top-notch player hails from the holy city of Varanasi and is by far one of the most accomplished and also talented players on the Indian Courts. He operates both as a forward as well as a guard. Vishesh Bhriguvanshi is also an ONGC cager and will be a significant addition to the Indian Basketball team.  This Varanasi – born player has so much talent, and experience that he now has the ability to thread goos passes to his other teammates, which eventually leads him to set them up for multiple baskets. He has the second highest assists count, with about 4.8 per game in last year’s FIBA Asia Championships. Wow!

 Bhriguvanshi, who is now 26 years old, is India’s best backcourt player and also a former national captain. She had a rough year but still managed enough to make it to this list. He also became the first ever Indian to sign a training deal with an Australian NBL team called the Adelaide 36ers. In his very first appearance at the UBA Basketball League, Bhriguvanshi was named the league’s Indian MVP, averaging around 28 points, ten assists, and nine rebounds per game. He also led the Bengaluru Beast to their first UBA Finals. He helped the county win gold at the South Asian Basketball Championship in the Maldives and also played in the BRICS Games and the FIBA Asia Cup. An injury in the former, however, side-lined the star guard, and India suffered in international matches without him.

#4. Amritpal Singh

Amritpal Singh

He is a whopping seven feet tall, which obviously makes him the tallest player on the Indian Basketball team. Last year the Japan-based centre has given a much more significant advantage on the side. The Coach Sat Prakash Yadav made this big man Amritpal Singh the captain this time around.  He has indeed become one of the best Indian cagers in the current day, and is showing off his talent and skill in the professional National Basketball Development League; the abbreviation is NBDL in Japan. Both Amritpal and Amjyot Singh have gone on to become the very first Indians to play the game of basketball professionally in Japan. This dynamic duo is one of a kind and has because of their determination and perseverance; they have helped Tokyo Excellence win the NBDL earlier in this year. 

The Indian Basketball team will inevitably depend on this seven-foot cager to get both the offensive as well as the defensive rebounds.

#5. Amjyot Singh

Basketball Players from India

This name is widespread in the news as well as in all parts of social media. He is India’s star man. Amjyot Singh is the most crucial player in Coach Yadav’s well-oiled machine. He is six foot nine and had come to the forefront of the Indian Basketball after this hoopster became the country’s highest and scorer in the previous year’s FIBA Asia Championship, netting about 20.9 points one game each. 

Amjyot Singh also plays for the Tokyo Excellence and has gained a lot of experience which is crucial to his game. He achieved all this experience on the Japanese professional circuit over the last year or so. He is currently India’s most significant chance of scoring all the big points and leading the team to victory. 

Amjyot Singh, with his height of 203 cm tall and his young age of only 25, he has changed three different professional teams during his entire basketball career. He is not playing for the Oklahoma City Blue in the NBA’s G League, which is a tremendous achievement. He was born in Chandigarh and has come so far. If he continues to play with the same determination and displays the same skill, he can see a future in the NBA tournament one day. This young player has come far and will continue to do so. 

He has featured in about 17 games for the Blue which is his team; this season and has an average of 1.3 points per game. Wow!

 Like his fellow player mate Amritpal, Amjyot Singh of Chandigarh broke down barriers and made history for the Indian basketball. Amyot’s most significant achievement was to become the second Indian to make it to the big NBA’s G-League with the Oklahoma City Blue in October. This sharp-shooting 6-foot-8 forward has seen his role develop with the Blue over the past few months and has come one step closer to the NBA than any other Indian citizen before him. At home, Amjyot continued to be at the forefront for India’s national team. He was also India’s captain at the FIBA Asia Cup and then finished the tournament taking the team in points (13.0) and assists (4.3). He was also significantly India’s top player at other international trips to the William Jones Cup and the BRICS Games.

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#6. Ravi Bhardwaj

Basketball Players from India

Just like his teammate and the very talented Amjyot Singh, Ravi Bhardwaj is also a whopping 203 cm tall, and he also shares the same age as Amjyot, which is  25. Bhardwaj went undrafted in the year 2014 for the NBA Draft, and he started playing basketball and made it his career in the year 2015 with his former team which was Punjab Steelers. This is the only professional team that he has been a part of and is averaging at a good 10 points per game with the Steelers in the current season. Ravi Bhardwaj was later selected as the MVP of the first season of UBA Pro League in the year 2015.

#7. Rikin Pethani

Basketball Players from India

Rikin Pethani is another Indian basketball player who is going to make it big. He is as tall as 203 cm, which is an excellent addition to the team.  Rikin Pethani then went undrafted in the year 2012 NBA Draft, and he is now playing for the team Chennai Slam in India. In the massive six games, he has played this season, Pethani is one of the best scorers in the league as he is incredibly averaging at a whopping 14.8 points per game. Rikin Pethani is also tied for the second place in rebounding with an average of 10.2 rebounds each game he has played. Here is an exciting plan, Pethani was a cricket player until he reached the eighth grade, and then a coach discovered his talent for basketball, and he has been playing the sport ever since that time. 

#8. Satnam Singh Bhamara

Satnam Singh Bhamara

 Bhamara made history as the first ever Indian-born player to be drafted by an NBA team. It is a great achievement! 

Singh Bhamara is about 218 cm tall, and he was drafted by the big team called Dallas Mavericks in the 2015 NBA Draft. Unfortunately, this incredible man hasn’t appeared in an NBA game yet as he was assigned to the Mavericks’ G League affiliate, the Texas Legends.

The centre is only 22, and there is absolutely no doubt that his future is good. It won’t be anything new if he makes his NBA debut sometime soon.

#9. Anitha Pauldurai

Anitha Paul Durai

Yes, she is the first female player on the list. She is as good as any other player on this list. The year 2017 marked the beginning of Paul Durai’s “second innings” with the Indian basketball. The veteran, forward from the city of Chennai, returned to the national team after maternity leave and enjoyed a fantastic comeback. She was the captain of the national basketball team and the leading scorer when India won the Division B of the FIBA Asia Cup for Women held in Bangalore. 

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Bonus Player

#10. Jeena Scaria

Jeena Scaria

Scaria, who is just 24 years old, took the centre-stage for her home state when she led Kerala to their first ever Senior Nationals gold medal in over thirty years. She was undoubtedly one of India’s top players in the squad. She was also a part of India’s 3×3 team which made it to the big semi-final of the FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup in beautiful Mongolia.

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