6 Captains who led India in Cricket World Cup

6 Captains who led India in Cricket World Cup

Captains who led India in Cricket World Cup

Captains who led India in Cricket World Cup: The World Cup season being on, Team India is all set to compete against the other countries through their talent, hard work, skills, and techniques.

Captains who led India in Cricket World Cup

1.Srinivas Venkataraghavan

Let’s start and had played in approx 16 One Day Internationals and out of these 16, 7 were the matches he played for India as the captain. He was an off-spinner bowler and he was quite good at bowling than batting and got the captaincy of India He had quite sharp powers of judgment and was quite sharp and acute. This bowler was great in off-bowling and had played only were at the World Cup as the captain of the team. For all those years, people consider him as one of the worst captains of India as his success rate was quite low and his captaincy, But he was one of the players who lasted for quite a long time in the cricket history from 1965 to 1983. His strategies were quite an old school and he didn’t have good qualities as a captain which were the major factors for which the team failed badly. The team lacked planning, proper coordination, no proper decisions were taken, no judgments made and these reasons were enough to prove Srinivas Venkataraghavan, not a good captain who could have made the base of the Indian Cricket team strong and take the whole team towards success but the skills used by the opponents didn’t approve this at all and thus the whole team failed.

Srinivas Venkataraghavan

Even the knowledge of the players was not much so that they could tackle the problems and improve on the mistakes they were committing. But as a whole, a good captain was needed for their proper functioning and thus a good change was seriously required.

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Kapil Dev was one of the favorite names taken by the people then and their win against Australia and New Zealand brought so much confidence in them that they started winning the upcoming matches which led to their goal and it was 11 out of 15 matches that he had represented India as the captain and they have won and he proved that he was quite successful for being a captain than Srinivas Venkataraghavan. He proved his leadership in the matches against West Indies and England where they made them lose by huge steps. 

Kapil Dev

The next season which happened under the captaincy of Kapil Dev had a slow start with India getting losses but it won against Australia as well as Zimbabwe and New Zealand which boosted upon the confidence within the Indians that they can go far in the series. Kapil Dev was quite smart and was good at making different strategies which helped in many ways and proved himself as better captain than Srinivas. The 1983 World Cup is the reason he is known still as a great leader for his team and his leadership made the team win the World Cup trophy. The team won against Zimbabwe and Kapil played an important role in it. His batting skills, the strategies that he had built up as a captain was surprisingly great and amazing. All his plans fell into the right place and could defeat their opponents with an awesome score in the score sheet and bring the World Cup back home.

3.Mohammad Azharuddin

Mohammad Azharuddin

Next on the list is Mohammad Azharuddin, who was the leader of the team for the three consecutive World Cups and his worthiness was detected by this only. It was Sachin who helped him to undergo the team tasks and grow the team. They nurtured the team thoroughly. However, the team was failing miserably in winning the matches and marking a question on the leadership of him. His captaincy was compared with Pointing and Lyold though. The game changer came in the year 1992 and 99 where India made into the semi-finals. The loss against Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and the West Indies made a tough time for the team to sustain the season. The success rate was quite less than Kapil Dev around 45 percent approx. although he has gathered a lot of experience. So, leading the team for the various times gathered confidence for him and he represented India on various occasions which were enough for earning him the title of a moderate captain of the team.

With a lesser success rate and a low performance, his captaincy was finally changed and now there was going to happen a major game changer in the history of the Indian Cricket team and there was going to be winning titles for India. So let’s find out the other captains who played a major role in changing India’s history in Cricket.

4.Sourav Ganguly (2003)

Captains who led India in Cricket World Cup

Sourav Ganguly, one of the worthy captains of the Indian Cricket Team. Although, the start of the tournament was quite slow. It was due to his leadership qualities that India showed a great talent  India had started the tournament patchily but their fortunes quickly turned around, thanks to a combination of excellent individual performances and Ganguly’s leadership capabilities. He was the gatherer of highest runs in the World Cup (three centuries) after Sachin Tendulkar and had a strong ability for an excellent left-hander batsman. India got its win against Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and this season proved a boon for it and quite impactful. His captaincy proved a boon for the country where the country entered into 11 matches and won in 9 of them bring the success rate of Ganguly more than Kapil Dev. His career shined when he represented his talent of a very worthy batsman. His skills as a master, as a person whom people should follow, are all the things one can ask for from their captain. He has won hearts from the people from the worldwide and till now, people take his name with so much respect and he is still remembered as one of the most capable and responsible captains of team India. He was one of the favorite captains of his time and people used to worship him. It was his positivity which has helped him to take the team to a new level. Under the leadership of him, India won a lot of matches and made their position high in the scoreboard. This s a mark when they shore high and the success rate as a captain for Ganguly turned to be around 70 percent.

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Rahul Dravid

Four years after making the final in South Africa, India’s campaign in the Caribbean ended in humiliation as Rahul Dravid’s boys bowed out in the group stage. Dravid had the likes of Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag by his side but they couldn’t click as a unit. Coach Greg Chappell seemed to be calling the shots and Dravid struggled to keep everyone on the same page at that time. He was quite a soft as a captain so some players didn’t take him much seriously which proved a bit fatal for the country’s win. A captain should make efforts to combine the best points of all the players and compose them to make a winning factor but he failed miserably to gather all the players and make them play to win. Otherwise, he was no way behind anyone. He had his own talents and factors who made him soar really high and he had risen out of all the odds and showcased his talent in many matches. His success rate was around 75 percent as a worthy captain. Not to forget about him called the Wall and was an inspiration for a lot of young cricketers and people still have him in their hearts and love him quite immensely.

Rahul Dravid had made India to through the World cups and was a lion guarding the team. However, there was no much win in the condition as they lost to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh He is considered a great batsman of his emerging years, encasing himself as the most deserving opening batsman of the Indian cricket team. Having shown his versatility, his efforts have forecasted his position in the Indian cricket team at an early call itself.  Rahul Dravid scored more than 23,000 runs across all the cricket formats during his sixteen years of the career. Though he was the second Indian batsman after Sachin Tendulkar to score around more than 12,000 runs in both tests as well as One-day International matches, he called it off in the year 2009. Being one of the excellent batsmen of an era, he was called back for the ODI in 2011 against England. Having gathered a huge success in England test series, he didn’t have a great performance during the tour to Australia. After that he announced his retirement all of a sudden in the year March 2012, Indian cricket couldn’t bid a proper goodbye to this quite worthy cricketer who used to be quite modest and humble in the field and always had a smile even being overpowered by the shadows of powerful cricketers.

6.Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Captains who led India in Cricket World Cup

It was the years 2013 and 2015 where Mahendra Singh Dhoni proved his perfect captaincy for team India. 2011 was the year when they had got an important match against Sri Lanka and he proved himself a lot worthy of the position by his decision-making skills. He is the key leader who has been the strongest pillar of the Indian Cricket team and whom people look up to when any question of cricket is being raised. It is his positive outlook, straight-forwardness, decision-making talent, all-rounder ability, finishing the last over with his own style. All these techniques and skills he used has made the Indian Cricket team the strongest ever and now the competitors are even fearing before battling against the Indian Cricket team on the field. This shows how much he has worked on the batsmen, bowlers, and the whole team even listens to what he says and works upon his orders following the captain. His qualities to lead the group to a successful route make him win half the match. next comes the techniques he follows by noticing the minute details make him a capable captain and therefore, his teammates trust him so blindly. It is after Azharuddin, he has led the whole team in highest number of matches which has increased his confidence, made him more responsible and quite experienced. He now can turn a losing situation into a winning one and proved himself the most capable captain of the Indian cricket team till date. People even say that he is the mixture of good qualities of all the captains starting form Venkataraghavan. His predictions are so pointed that he can literally tell when is the team losing and what are the changes required to make in the fielding style or the batting style to turn the match into their side. There are times when he has played putting all his efforts and bringing victory to the team. That’s why he is the best captain of a whole era and have gathered tons of respect from his fans, team mates, family, and the whole country.

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So, this list shows the streamline form the worst captain to the best captain who has done captaincy for India and has taken it forward to the World Cup.

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