Liverpool’s latest European Cup win comes on a Journey that is far from over

Liverpool Champions League

A Journey of a Liverpool Success in this Champions League

Established in June 1892 in Liverpool, England, Liverpool Football Club shines bright with its recent victory in the UEFA Champions League, 2019. The club boasts of its honours and titles including six European Cups- the highest in number ever achieved by an English club, seven FA Cups, three UEFA Cups, three UEFA Super Cups, eighteen League titles, eight League Cups, fifteen FA Community Shields and a Football League Super Cup. Anfield has been its ground for a long time. With one of the most significant numbers of supporters, in 2016-17 the club occupied ninth position in terms of its earning with its annual earning being € 424.2 million. In 2018 it was valued $ 1.944 billion and declared the world’s eighth most valuable club.

A Journey of a Liverpool Success in this Champions League

About Champions League

About Champions League

One of the six confederations of FIFA, the Union of European Football Association or UEFA has fifty-five men’s national association football teams and is responsible for organizing the Champions League. In June 1954 it was founded in Basel, Switzerland started its operations with 25 members. It first started with the name the European Champion Clubs’ Cup or the European Cup was initially a knockout tournament and accessible to the national championship winner club of each member nation. 1992 was a historical year for many changes were made like the addition of the round-robin group stage, allowing of multiple entrants from a few countries. Liverpool FC made its first appearance in 1964-65 and ended in the semi-final. The following year, it became the runner up

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The History of its PreparationThe History of its Preparation

The story of success started with the finding out the reasons of failures which brought two critical facts in front of the world- low level of fitness and poor quality of play. These two reasons made the team suffer in almost all essential matches past few seasons. As the football manager, Jurgen Klopp signed a three-year contract with Liverpool, did his best and could secure entry in the Champions League for two consecutive years without any major trophy.  He could pull his team from eighth (2015-2016) position to fourth (2016- 2017) and (2017-2018) in English Premier League. In his debut as the manager of Liverpool FC, he made a 0-0 draw in an away match with Tottenham Hotspur, while his first victory was registered against Bournemouth in the League Cup. Klopp could see that the team was missing something very crucial to its success, but he could not accumulate the entire reason for continuing fiasco. He needed players who could make his strategies happen and get him what was most needed- a victory in a major trophy. So, it became a question of a reputation for Klopp, and he left no stone unturned to take his team on the throne of the championship where it is now. In an interview, Klopp expressed his idea of a manager and he stated that one should have the ability to understand others- their potentials along with their limitations as well. He believes that leadership with confidence and accountability is one of his traits which brought them the ultimate success in the Champions League 2019. Van Dijk efficiently took the issues of defence care, Alexander Robertson played extraordinarily in the position of left fullback while Trent Alexander Arnold was a reliable right back. The inclusion of these three gave the team a new horizon of playing better. During the summer transfer window, Liverpool had signed many new players. Fabinho and Naby Laye Keita joined as midfielders, Xherdan Shaqiri was entrusted managing the forward line and Alisson Becker with goalkeeping. Klopp’s strategy for balancing his defence saw its success when it first put him in a position of that of stage of EPL tournament where he conceded lesser goals than he made. Liverpool remains unbeaten in its 31 home match defeating Arsenal 5-1 at Anfield.  The importance of Klopp is rightly expressed in a nutshell by Jose Mourinho, the former manager of Manchester United and Real Madrid when he says, “I have to say that for me, this has one name – Jurgen. I think this is not about tactics, this is not about philosophy, this is about heart and soul, and a fantastic empathy he created with this group of players.”

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Performance in the Champions League

Performance in the Champions League

On 18 September 2019, Liverpool registered its victory in its home match against PSG (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club) with a win of 3-2. Once more a fabulous win of 4-0 against Red Star cheered the entire team along with millions of its fans. With 0-0 it made a draw against Byern Munich following which it made a memorable victory of 2-0 against Porto. Liverpool had to wait for its historic thumping of dominance until it smashed Barcelona in a 4-0 victory. Even after defeating Liverpool in a 3-0 match Barcelona could not resist its 4-0 defeat, resulting in an aggregate 4-3 defeat for Barcelona. The comeback was most needed to bring Liverpool alive into its efforts of winning a major trophy. Barcelona had great players like Lionel Messi, Louis Suarez but had no reason to surrender in front of the pressing football played by Liverpool.  The magic of power football had been witnessed by the entire world when Brazil lost to Germany with 1-7 in a FIFA world cup matches. Klopp had been trying to instil the same fire of pressing football. Barcelona lost the match to Liverpool for a number of reasons. Liverpool achieved fitness to a never before level, and it was ready to go on playing even after 90 minutes of regular time. This was a critical issue that Klopp addressed for quite some time, and the result shows that his efforts were not all in vain. Improvements in playing could be seen in its chasing relentlessly, running- with or without the ball, passing in a timely fashion, and playing as a team. The final battle between Tottenham Hotspur was the most awaited one for every Liverpool F.C. club. The match was on, and it was merely two minutes when Mohammad Salah who plays forward for Liverpool, scored the first goal for the team. Tottenham Hotspur tried to make some move but with its relentless pressing football, Liverpool never allowed any success to them. The match was almost on the verge of its regular time being ended, Divock Origi ensured its success with a second goal at eighty-seventh minute of the game.

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Key Facts

  • Here goes the list of a few key facts of Liverpool matches that may grab your attention or you would like to keep a note of.
  • Mohammad Salah was the same player who had been much criticized for the dislocation of his shoulder and had to go off. One year ahead of that, today he proved himself the savior of the team.
  • From group stages to Final, Salah appears to be the only player who scored goals in every round of matches.
  • Finally, the losing frenzy of Klopp is over with his victory in Champions League 2019 preceded by three consecutive loss of trophies- the EFL final (2016), Europa League final (2016) and Champions League 2019.
  • Alisson, the goalkeeper of Liverpool, goes to the extent of being a Gordon Banks of Brazil with eight saves in a single match.

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