Top 10 Middle Order Batsman of all Time

Best Middle Order Batsman of all Time

Best Middle Order Batsman of all Time

Middle Order Batsman of all Time: The game of Cricket requires a lot of skill and dedication to the sport. All positions, be it the fielder, batsman or even the bowler, the all play an essential role in the game and requires a lot of practice. The article called ‘Middle Order Batsman’ article is about the term “batting order” as used in the sport cricket. In cricket, the batting order is the way we in which batsmen play through all their team’s innings. There are two batsmen who take part at any one time. All the eleven players who are a part of the group are required to bat if the innings is done. The innings usually does not close early due to a declaration or other factors.

Middle Order Batsman of all Time

The batting order is usually subdivided into:

  • Top order which includes the openers and batsman three.
  • Upper Middle order include batsmen four to six.
  • Lower Middle order has batsmen seven and eight. 
  • Tail Enders who are batsmen nine to eleven

10) Damien Martyn (Australia)

Damien Martyn

At number 10 is Damien Martyn who is a former Australian middle-order batsman may have needed some time to really break into the better Test team and went on to become one of the world’s greatest batsmen in the early years. Martyn was one of the best stroke-maker, who could play anywhere on the offside and his legside game was great too. To add to that, his defensive technique was excellent and having a batsman of that calibre at number four or number five, made Australia the world-beating side and they became unbeatable. .

Apart from that what’s more important is the fact that he was great at against spin as well and the centuries that were against the Indian team at Chennai in the year 2004 and the one against the Sri Lankan team at Kandy in the same year were classics. As a middle-order batsman, Martyn scored roughly about 4,406 runs at an average of 46.37 and also notched a great 13 centuries in addition to a 23 half ones. 

9) Doug Walters (Australia)

Doug Walters

He played for the Australian team in 74 Test matches from the year 1965 through to the year 1981 and was famous for his fantastic batting at number six, that often took the game from the opposition. 

He made the Australian number 6 position on his own even though he was not that technically correct as a batsman, he could always play the hook perfectly and had it in him to play the straight drive.

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Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh belongs to the Australian Cricket team, he was most probably the eye-catching batsman of the 1990s, and in the games that he played which roughly rounds up to 128 Test matches, he remained a guide and a help for the team in the middle-order part. 

From the year 1991 to the year 2002, Mark Waugh played as Australia’s number four in the team and his fantastic stroke-making made him a brilliant batsman who was one of the best and the most feared in the world. 

What’s more important is that he scored lots of runs quickly once he was in the game and that made the task of the opposition even more difficult.

7) Mike Hussey (Australia)

Middle Order Batsman of all Time

One of the most well-known batsmen, he came to the team in the early to mid-nineties. He was so strong that someone like Mike Hussey had to wait till he was thirty years old to get his preliminary opportunity on the Test team of the country. 

Although, when he did, he made it the best, and from the year 2005 to the year 2013, he was counted as the world’s leading middle-order batsman, who graciously batted at all the positions from number 4 to 7 and in fact, he had opened the innings numerous occasions for their Australia too. 

6) Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

Middle Order Batsman of all Time

This former Australian legend is probably the only the wicket-keeper whose batting skills in Test cricket has wholly overshadowed his considerable achievements as a wicket-keeper. Adam Gilchrist was one of the greatest reasons why Australia became such a scary side to face in Test cricket matches.

5) Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)

Jonty Rhodes

This brilliant player hails from South Africa. He is very well known for his acrobatic fielding. He arrived in style when he played at the international stage when he slung in the demeanour and ran-out Inzamam-Ul-Haq in the 1992 World Cup match against another fantastic team which is Pakistan. However, his fielding did not overshadow his immense batting talents. This player only flourished to be one of the greatest lower-order batsmen not only among the South African team but also amongst all the other players around the world. Jonty Rhodes also happened to be the pioneer of the modern-day cricket. He was most probably the first player to attempt the reverse-sweep and also to master it. 

He has played 202 ODI matches while batting at No.5 and below, Rhodes amassed 4754 runs at an above average of 35.74 and a strike-rate of 82.12 which includes two centuries and 28 half-centuries with the highest score being 121.

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Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is one of India’s best players; he is one of those players who can lead the team with his batting skills. Always constant on the field, his classic cover drives, and slap cuts behind the point, plus his short-arm jabs over the mid-wicket were contributed to his budding career and to the teams’ victory.  Apart from being a fantastic middle-order batsman, Yuvraj also-ran to the ODI format as a side specialist fielder too. Yuvraj made his name and positioned himself firmly as a middle-order batsman who could construct a great innings as well as lead the bowlers to a good game. As time flew by, Yuvraj grew to become the kingpin of India’s middle-order and assumed the responsibility of stabilising and building the Indian innings in the middle overs.

 Yuvraj Singh played about 174 ODI matches and scored a rough amount of 4870 runs at an excellent average of 38.34 and a fantastic strike-rate of 86.73. While batting at the position number 5 and below, Yuvraj who is a  left-handed batsman hit a whopping seven centuries and about 33 half-centuries with the highest score of them all, which is 139 runs. 

3) Steve Waugh (Australia)

Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh who belongs to Australia, is the epitome of patience. His vigour and strength. He has a very different style of batting and is one of the best batsmen in the history of Cricket. He is known to frustrate the bowler, and tire them out, before pulling out the big guns and firing the big shots. Extremely decisive, and mentally plans out is next move. Apart from being a decent batsman, he is an incredible bowler. Steve is also a good captain. His captaincy and batting were central to Australia’s growth curve in cricket. What set him apart, was his imperative thinking and his presence of mind along with his ability to stay focused even in the toughest situations. This man, mostly a middle-order batsman, also played an essential role in the business end of the innings in the limited-overs type of game. He was extremely good at reading the minds which helped him formulate plans to take down his contenders.  

He featured in a whopping 258 ODI matches while batting at position number 5 and scored a significant amount of 5797 runs at a decent average of 34.30 and a strike-rate of 77.39 which also included two centuries and 32 half-centuries, with his highest score amounting to 120. That being so, Steve Waugh captures the third position on the list. 

2) Arjuna Ranatunga (Sri Lanka)

Middle Order Batsman of all Time

This terrific player plays his matches regardless of the condition he s in. He brilliantly captained Sri Lanka to their first-ever World Cup triumph in 1996. His immense skill and leadership qualities make him one of the best lower-middle order batsmen in those times before.  His off-side tactics were as good as any another batting legend. Even though Ranatunga failed to grab those quickies between the stumps, his out of the world strokeplay and spectacular placement skills made up for his tardiness between the wickets. Arjuna Ranatunga had a great sense of timing which helped him rake up multiple runs in the middle order with a minimum of risk taken.  

Having worn 226 ODI caps while batting at No.Ranatunga gathered a whopping 6041 runs at a decent average of 35.12 and an impeccable strike-rate of 76.88 which also included two big centuries and 40 half-centuries with the best score being 102. 

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MS Dhoni

Hailing from our very own country, India, it is no surprise that this man gets the number one position on this list. In the match England v India, at the Second Royal London One Day International in Lord’s, he scored a massive 10,000 ODI runs, 107 stumpings, with a 110 ODI wins as a brilliant captain, and the list continues. This man needs no introduction. He is extremely popular, both nationally and internationally.  He has built a platform himself and has set the standards very high. He has a good reputation and is famous for being one of the most reliable batsmen in cricket all over the world. He took India to victory continually from the very clasps of defeat. However, in the current news, Dhoni has garnered a bit of criticism owing to his failure to finish the matches abruptly. 

No matter what, MS Dhoni is definitely and most undoubtedly the best middle order batsman in the history of cricket.Thus, having mastered the art of cricket, MS has been the cornerstone of India’s high middle order in the national and international limited overs format, especially in ODIs and proves to be the best option for the upcoming World Cup as well. While batting at No.5 MS Dhoni has featured in 274 ODI matches and has scored 7683 runs at a decent average of 48.32 and an excellent strike-rate of 86.04 which also include seven centuries and 49 half-centuries with the highest score being a modest 139. Hence, with almost 7600 runs, MS Dhoni secured the top of this list. 

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