MS Dhoni Retirement


MS Dhoni Retirement after World Cup 2019

 MS Dhoni Retirement After the world cup semifinals of 2019, the speculation about the retirement of M.S Dhoni is at its peak, from all parts of international cricket. There is also news circulating that our Captain Cool is considering retirement only after the ICC twenty-twenty world cup next area in Australia. Official plans have not been made by him yet about his plans to either continue his cricket career or not, but he has expressed his desires to some officials that he wants to continue playing. 

MS Dhoni Retirement

   The next month West Indies team tours will be announced on 19th of July, 2019 and Dhoni hasn’t yet seemed to have made his availability known to the selection committee. PTI was told by the BCCI official that they have still not heard from Dhoni regarding this subject yet. According to them, what is most important right now is the communication between selectors and players. BCCI says that though Dhoni put up a good performance in the world cup, at the end of the day, this decision comes down to Dhoni himself. They are of an opinion that only Dhoni can make the final call on this one and they are not wrong. 

    As the world cup of this year was coming to an end, yet another buzz about Dhoni’s retirement rose up with speculations being that he was going to announce his retirement after India’s last match in this year’s world cup. In actuality, not only the Indian media but also the entire international cricket community. The main problem the Indian selection committee is facing right now is the fact that Dhoni will be automatically selected as a player in the Indian Team if he does not give his resignation. Right now, the blame is being thrown towards the team management of India and also the selectors regarding not having a proper plan of execution pertaining to Dhoni’s future cricket career. Many are of an opinion that the selectors should have somehow managed to convince the former Captain Cool of the country to step down on his own voluntarily, in the same way, they did with the Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar. Even Sachin Tendulkar back then was under fire for not having his retirement well planned like in the same way Dhoni is right now. 

  It could be said that this would turn out a different story if Dhoni had in some ways managed to push the Indian cricket team past the semifinals in the 2019 World Cup, but unfortunately, that was not the case. In the meantime, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been inviting applications for the support staff positions for the Indian team, while also looking for someone to fill the position of the main coach. So what this means for the team is that a new coach, for the series of September, maybe in charge of the Indian cricket team, against South Africa. It is rumoured as of now that England’s world cup winning coach Trevor Bayliss, the well renowned Mahela Jaywardene of Sri Lanka and Mickey Arthur, the coach for Pakistan, are likely being considered as potential candidates to fill in the coach position. 


   And also, many cricketers and otherwise, have their own opinions about India’s beloved former captain stepping down for the good. Virender Sehwag, a former Indian cricket player, is urging the selectors to once and for all let Dhoni know about the future plans they have for his career and says that it’s Dhoni’s right to retire whenever he wants to. Dhoni’s performance in the World Cup was hence analysed very deeply since everybody was expecting him to announce his retirement past the world cup, which led to his somewhat of a low batting rate in the matches being highlighted and held under scrutiny. Sehwag continued to express his thoughts about the matter in a panel, saying that it’s the selectors’ duty to let Dhoni know his status quo of his position on the team and that Dhoni deserved to know if he’s no longer being considered as the wicketkeeper of India and batsman in the future. Sehwag further goes on recounts his own retirement scenario saying that he wished the selectors would ask him about his retirement plans prior to him stepping down, so he could keep them informed about the decision. 

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  Meanwhile, Sandeep Patil who was also present in the same panel of discussion shared with the panel that as he was the chief selector during the time of Sachin Tendulkar announcing his retirement, the responsibility to talk to Sachin Tendulkar was given to both him and Rajinder Singh Hans. And Sehwag’s retirement plan responsibility was given to Vikram Rathore. And he was also clear that if Sehwag is saying that the discussion between him and Rathore didn’t take place, then he would like to take responsibility for that too just the same. 


   To which Sehwag replied that Vikram Rathore came forward and talked to him about his retirement only after he was dropped. He then went on to say that it would only have made more sense if the discussion took place before he was dropped or it would otherwise be pointless to do so. Regarding Dhoni, Sehwag continued, that if Dhoni was approached by if say, the selector M.S.K Prasad after they dropped Dhoni, Mahi would just say that he would be involved with first-class cricket and that if runs are scored by him, he should be picked up by the selectors. Ultimately, Sehwag stressed on the fact that cricketers should be reached out by the selectors before they are dropped, as it would make more sense that way. 

      Along with all of these speculations and debates and discussions about this topic, there’s also a lot of rumours spreading around online and flooding social media. One among these various posts that have gone viral by now, has made claims that Dhoni’s retirement has been cancelled by BCC on all formats

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   However, these claims that are viral have been declared not only incorrect factually but also as baseless by the AFWA. But it’s somehow understandable why rumours and posts are going viral like this about Dhoni’s retirement. The cricket lovers of the country have an immense love and respect towards Mahi and some of these outbursts of emotions by the fans and all these misleading and crazy posts and fan theories are just a wrong ways to demonstrate their affection for their former adored captain and the only outcome of these rumours going viral will be creation of confusions to all parties involved and nothing more. As of now, as mentioned earlier, there’s no evidence or indication of Mahi having made up his mind about the subject. All his social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter do not have any posts indicating his retirement plans presently. Virat Kohli, the current captain of the Indian Cricket Team has also made a clarification that Dhoni hasn’t discussed his retirement plans with Kohli as of yet. Even though Dhoni is now 38 years old and it is expected of him to step down, his ever devoted fans aren’t ready to say goodbye yet. As soon as the Indian cricket team lost the semifinal match against New Zealand, the hashtag #donotretiredhoni took over trending on twitter. Even Lata Mangeshkar, the famously known India’s nightingale, took to Twitter to express her thoughts about it too. She tweeted that she has been hearing rumours about Dhoni’s retirement and that she strongly doesn’t want him to step down and retire. She feels that the country’s cricket team needs Dhoni, now more than ever and deeply requested him to steer away from thoughts of any kinds of retirement. And needless to say, many Dhoni fans, cricket fans and even cricketers share the same thoughts and sentiments and are not yet ready to let go of Mahi. 


   Dhoni has already retired from the format of test matches on 30th of December in the year 2014. This retirement was announced right in the middle of the then test series, as India lost its second test match and the third test match went on to be a draw. Being the only captain in the world with not one but three ICC trophies under his wing of career achievements (ICC World T20 2007, ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and ICC Champions Trophy 2013) and also featuring in about three hundred and fifty One Day internationals, M.S. Dhoni is Indian team’s treasured player who not only his fans, but also the country, is not ready to let go of yet.

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