Strong Batting line up of England

Strong Batting line up of England

Cricket, the sport which has been cruel to many and beautiful to so many, like a wine, it gets better and better as it gets older. Almost 100 years ago, when British people found the game, nobody had an idea that it will become a religion in any part of the world, but now some of the nation has taken the sport as their religion and it is celebrated to the extreme and it is the game in the planet which have most ardent fans after Football. What most astonishing about cricket? it is the game which has a huge set of rules and played in a classic manner if we take T20 cricket out of equation. Cricket was found in the English Land and Ashes series played against Australia is one of the most emotional formats for all the British fans and Australian fans.

Winning Ashes is a prime goal and fans will let go off 10 series win for their team to win that one series. such is the most emotional series answers in the hearts of every fans. Australia was having a edge for nearly six decades in the Ashes but the records in the past two decades favors England and they will start as clear contenders in Ashes 2019 at home. There is one thing that founders of the game badly want to achieve and that is none other than the prestigious world cup. It is not that they never got a good chance or team to win the world cup, they have been to world cup final thrice but sadly lost in all the three final. They started very well in the chase against Pakistan in the world cup final in 1992 and just when everyone thought England is on the way to the maiden world cup win, Pakistan bowler came to the magic as they lifted their maiden world cup and Imran khan was appreciated for his excellent captaincy.

Strong Batting line up of England

Since 1992, England haven’t performed well in any world cups till 2015 and the wait for the maiden world cup trophy continues. From 1975 to 1992, England reached world cup final three times out 5 world cups happened during those period and that shows the team had some serious quality in it. but story is entirely different after 1992, the team might have performed well in test format but lacked some high quality in the limited over format. T20 world cup win in 2010 was special but that is only thing to cherish as per as the ICC vent is concerned. After the defeat in 2015 world cup were they was knocked out in the group stage in the event held in Australia, the next 4 years came as an unexpected years for the cricket fans. The cricket world saw a complete transformation of the England one day team and they have become the best in the world. they ticked all the boxes to make it a dangerous side to beat. Luckily, when the team was set strong, the world cup happens at home and timing cannot be more perfect than this.

The world cup 2019 is happening in England and England looks more prettier than ever and looks like if they perform to their potential, this might be a thunderous world cup for them and they will be able to lift their maiden world cup trophy in their own land and wow, what a moment it will be for the team and fans if that happens this year in the world cup. Now, setting up a batting line up is the most difficult and trickiest of everything. It is not only about setting up a batting line up, each player should have his form on point and that makes England dangerous this time around as every of their batsmen are in top form going into the world cup 2019. From the opener to middle order, from the middle order to lower order,  every one is in pin point form. To be more precise, even the batsmen who is not in playing 11 can chip in with some brutal innings and that makes this side a wonderful side coming into the world cup with full roar. In today’s column let us discuss about the string England batting line up.

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Jason Roy:

Jason Roy
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Ever seen a player just scores in a rapid pace with cricket shots and timing alone, if you never saw such player in your generation, then you must watch Jason Roy play. He is that player from 1920’s with all the gifted cricketing shots and with the pace of the modern generation. He is such a vital player to the one day set up of England and his starts will be the key for the entire England team. there is no big need to shuffle his batting order as he will be the greatest opener in the world by the time he hang his boots. Watching him play will be like old whiskey as you will never get bored as the days pass but only more addicted because the beauty presence in his shots. Quality of playing grounded shots with aggression is the rarest quality in the cricketer nowadays and getting this man out need the utmost brain in the think tank of the fielding team. he can bring up quick fifty which will be giving his team a great starts which is enough for the strong middle order to take the game away from the opposition.

Johnny Bairstow:

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Any example needed than IPL 2019? He is a player who can win any game for the team with his fantastic skills and he can take the game away from the opposition single handedly. What a player , what a class he carries in his batting, his timing is as sweeter as Bengal sweets In India. He can open the bat and smash some daddy hundreds which will be the big boost for England to win a world cup. He is the best player in the set up in terms of aggression and style, even though he is not among the Fab 4 in the world, he is surely one of the greatest cricketer to have played cricket for England.

Joe Root:

Joe Root
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He is the biggest competitor of the World’s best batsman Virat Kohli and he is on par with him in the game. He style of batting is like opposition will never be aware on which ball he is going to score runs and he is such a classical player to watch. He is one of the best player in the World and ready to become the Next legend of the English cricketing history. Having such a big circuit, he has improved immensely on his game which is a great sign. He is also the test captain of England and he can be the perfect number three batsman for the team and one of the best in that position in the world. Style of play might be different, but when he hang off the boots, we are sure that he will be compared to a great Aussie legend Ricky Ponting. His foot works and shot selection makes him a great player in the world cricket.

Eoin Morgan:

Eoin Morgan
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The captain of ship and the classical legend with a style statement in is batting. Ignore him at your own peril, he is the man who will take the game away from the opposition and he is that player who can play some brilliant lofted shots and clear the ground. Fantastic cricketer he and his growth since his world cup debut for Ireland in 2007 is next to extra ordinary. From being a player at Ireland to becoming the captain of England one day side, his journey is nothing short of a motivation or inspiration. Him playing at number 4 is a great asset for the team.

Ben Stokes:

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One of the best all rounder in the world at the moment and one of the acrobatic fielder in the team. he is terrific batsman who can score runs at the crucial moments of the game and that makes him a wonderful monster. He is playing at number 5 and that move is brilliant move from the England team management. What a cricketer he is and he is valuable addition to this England middle order and he will have vital role in the world cup for England.

Jos Buttler:

Jos Buttler
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He is in his prime and when he gets going, name one bowler who can stop him? no, don’t try for one, you might find it hard to find a bowler as he is the most aggressive batsman in this England batting line up.  he is the batsman who have the capacity to bat at any positions and score runs in any manner. He can match up the pace to the team and score runs and finish off any games even if a win seems impossible. Jos Butler will be one of the all time legends in this history of the game.

Moeen Ali:

Moeen Ali
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The x factor of the team and one of the excellent finisher of the game. The beauty about him is, he can also open the batting and can give superb starts to the team. he is a vital part to the batting line up as he will save the team in case of collapse.


With batting line up being at their best in the history, only thing England have to do is to maintain the emotions in control and do not choke in crucial points and then go out and play their heart out and win the world cup trophy. We wish them all the best for the world cup 2019.

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