Top 10 Leg Spinners of all Time

Top 10 leg spinners of all time

Top 10 Leg Spinners of all Time

Over the last decade of years, we have seen a decline in bowling fireworks due to the batting friendly
pitches used in One day cricket format. Main reason being, After the introduction of T20 cricket, a
threatening bowling performance is more often seen only in Test cricket and not in the limited over
cricket. There is something that game of cricket gives to the audience that other games do not give
though each game has its unique beauty and own way. For example, limited over format will become most exciting and unpredictable most of the time. it is entirely different; each wicket and each run are sometime cheered towards the end of the game. Last two over of thrilling one day match will always be remembered by the audience especially who loves cricket from their childhood. Cricket is cherished as memory by the fans especially in the Asian side. Cricket is one of the classic games among any sports.
fastest bowlers to pick up 100 wickets in limited over format is celebrated as it contains lots of
fireworks, but and the same fireworks happens in crunch games, it has a different beauty and that is
why it is called cricket ardent fans game and the classical of the game. It is good that ICC has started to cherish this record as it will decide the champion of the bowling department. Okay, so fastest 100
wickets In ODI is something beautiful and magnificent to watch and also will be the game changer of the career of a bowler. Another main department of any format is the spin bowling department. spin
bowling is considered as an art and it is one of the most valuable department for any team in the world.
there are different varieties of spin and one of the most devastating spin in that category is the leg spin. The category has launched many legends and has too many world records. In today’s column, let us discuss about top 10 leg spinners of all time.

10) Danish Kaneria:

Danish Kaneria
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One of the all time greatest spinner the Pakistan has produced and he was highly skilled and artistic leg spinner the world has seen. He had the capacity to bowl even 60 over per innings with consistency and that makes him the most special bowler in the world. His flight and mixture of dip was unable for batsmen to tackle for long time and that made him the permanent member in the Pakistan squad. He has taken 261 wickets in 61 test matches which is a massive record. His googly in particular was master class and no batsmen was able to pick his googly during his playing days. He might have not had a great ending in his career for Pakistan, but he will remain as one of all time leg spinner to have played of cricket in international level. His action was perfect for the leg spinner to have and that has helped him tackle the batsman with cheating deliveries.

9) Stuart MacGill:

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He is one of the finest leg spinner in the history test cricket. he just played 44 test wickets and picked
up 208 wickets which shows him as the biggest asset Australian team had in his playing days. Anyway,
according to us, he is one of the unluckiest cricketer to have played cricket because even after he had all the toys as one of the best all time leg spinner, his fate pushed him in the shadow of another all time best Shane Warne as both played in the same playing days. In life, there is always a share of luck despite all the hard works, remember the fact that in every stage if life luck should hit you. yes, there is a saying that life is all about hard work and when hard work is done, everything else follows and lucky hits only the people who hard work. But, remember the fact that, in a country there is only 11 players playing for country when millions of people are dreaming. Aren’t they hard working in their level? Even, they are equally talented as International cricketer but this is were we should consider the luck factor and move on in life. yes, MacGill was lucky enough to have played for country and also achieved status of all time great spinner table but he lacked the luck called being that number one super star in the team during his playing days. Yes, it is always to be satisfied in life with way it comes and this man is a successful cricketer in his career.

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8)Mushtaq Ahmed:

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Once again a Pakistani leg spinner in the list and he is one of the terrific leg spinner with little bad ending to his career. Yes, we say it was a bad ending because, he had all the ability to play longer and he could have been that player who should have scalped 500 test wickets for minimum as he is one of the biggest talent till date for Pakistan. Anyway, 180+ wickets in the career span of 52 matches is not a bad record at all. He had county stint in England in which he was successful too. he played his last test match against South Africa in the year of 2003. Sometimes, not every all time greats go for a long career, it is the impact they give in the short span of career makes them the topic of talking in these kind of tables.

7) Subhash Gupte:

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149 wickets in 36 test matches is something automatically includes Subhash Gupte into this table and one cannot ignore such a record as it is one of the best record from every angle of statistics. The great West Indian legend and one of the all time best all rounder of cricket sir Gary sobers rated him as the toughest leg spinner the world has produced and rated him even better than the great Australian legend Shane Warne. But, going by statistics, it is only possible to give him the seventh spot in the table. When examination happens in school, Ranks are adjusted by marks scored by students. But there is something special that an average student carries through his studies. Subhash Gupte though is not a average student but ultimate special through his variations to make everything in his career special and troubled opposition batsman through every innings.

6) Richie Benaud:

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Richie benaud the Australian Legend is one of the most respected cricket in the Australian circle and also among the cricket circle of other countries. In 1970’s, he worked as cricket commentator after his retirement from international cricket. he became the trickiest man to take gulp of wickets in the
matches and his wickets in test matches was filled with so much passion and class. When Australia was battling out for was battling out against opposition teams in test matches in tough situations, he was bowling only in legendary manner in the games he rattled the batsman. The pitches has taken its turn and he showed his real class to the world and it was one of the greatest performance. They had a huge Asset in him and if the team score in the board has decent total or good total after a good batting performance and then Richie comes up with his storm balls to dismiss the batsman in which his record overall shows of 263 wickets in 63 test matches he played for Australia . he completely took advantage of the batsmen he bowled and made merry in the 63 games and took whopping 262 test wickets and won the lots of games for Australia in his career. He tricked hapless batsman all around the pitch to pick up a 100 wickets in 53 matches which was a record breaking hundred and complete his first Important peak. His career lasted almost for a 15 years and he owned that leg spinning department with 263 wicket record for many years. The right arm spinner is one of the all time great for almost two decades during those days of cricket. a bowler like him is an asset to any team in this world.. What a man!! what a player!! What a career it was!! That was a special way he has played. Spinners are assets and spinners like him can be termed as more than champions. He has played and won games for Australia and they did not able to produce a spinner like him for so many years before they found Shane Warne in their set up.

5) Rashid Khan:

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He is considered as the best of all time great of in the history of cricket by many cricket lovers and
experts. The calmness and composure with a mixture of aggression and the attitude to sustain at the International level as he has shown in his bowling with and the ability to take on world’s best batsmen described his capacity to the cricket world. no matter, how many runs go or get leaked on other end, he can guide the game for his team and win the game for the team. he can bowl at any time at any situation and also he bats like a beast mode injected player yet in a classic way which made him a nightmare for every bowler who bowls to him when he gets going. He is the bowler who is already getting described as one of the all time best in the world at the very young age of 20 years old. Okay so let us come to his fastest hundred wickets, he picked up this hundred 100 wickets in just 44 Matches in the year of 2018. To make the wound worse for Opposite teams especially IN IPL Rashid khan took on every batsmen came his way and he became the man who recorded the fasted hundred wickets in ODI history when he picked up every batsmen came his way and registered century wickets in 44 matches.
That kind of performance will always remain an all time achievement from him to the people of this
generation. If you ask today’s generation they will tell you that, world has rarely seen a player like
Rashid Khan since his debut. And when you watch his bowling in the games he play, yes, they make
sense. He is the leg spinner with unique style and terrific techniques. He also had a decent start to his test career and in the coming years, he is expected to be the all time best leg spinner if continues to bowl in the same way. Yes, he is just 20 years old, but the way he has bowled in his career so far forced us to push him into the top 5 in this table of top 10 all time leg spinners.

4) Bs Chandrasekhar:

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He is one of the best leg spinner in this Indian cricket but sadly he is not talked much as topic like other Indian players of 1970’s and 1980’s. but when we checked his statistics, it was 242 wickets from 58 test matches and that is a record which makes him one of among the all time best leg spinner and also fetched him the fourth spot in the table. With this records, he clearly troubled the oppistion with his variations which makes him the special bowler in the history of Indian cricket.

3)Abdul Qadir:

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He is one of the greatest bowler in the history of Pakistan cricket and has played the most important
role in the history of Pakistan cricket. he took 267 wickets in 67 test matches.

2) Anil Kumble:

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Greatest Indian leg spinner ever in the history and he is nicknamed as Jumbo and he has taken a
whopping 619 test wickets in history in the 139 test matches he played. He is the leading wicket taker for India in test cricket even after the decade of his retirement. He has a special record of taking ten wickets in an innings.

1) Shane Warne:

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The ball turns like a snake and he is the leg spinner with 733 wickets and he will be our all time
best leg spinner.


We will come up with more contents, until then, goodbye. Keep doing good in life.

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