What Went Wrong for Team India in this World Cup?

What Went Wrong for Team India

What Went Wrong for Team India: All the ardent cricket fans watch all the years in the cricket with a world cup in their mind which happens once in for years. There might be champions trophy, there might me world cup in T20 format, there will be world cup in test championship now, but the world cup in 50 over format will always remain traditional and also emotional among the cricket fans. Every fans of the country wants their team to win the 50 over version as it is considered as the biggest event in the cricket history. World cup started 44 years ago and each edition till now has the own beauty of it. there is something strange happening since the last two editions.

What Went Wrong for Team India

Wondering what it is? Right from 1975, barring the 1992 world cup, it is the strongest team of the world cup which won the trophy. This happened till the 2011 version took place in sub continent. Yes, let us come to the 2015 world cup, Australia are the champions of the world cup as they beaten the kiwis side easily in the world cup final. But, don’t we feel that, if it was South Africa in place of New Zealand, they would have won the maiden world cup in the history which they missed by the whisker in the 1999 world cup? South Africa lost to New Zealand by a small error in the semi final, but despite that, it was south Africa’s  world cup to win, they were the best team and played like champions in that world cup. Same pattern happened in the 2019 world cup, England was called as favourites to win the world cup, but the strongest team to win the world was India, some small error caused by India caused them the world cup as the lost the world cup semi final to the new Zealand who made it to the final for the second consecutive time only to lose the world cup final for the second consecutive time.

2019 world cup was the India’s cup to win and they just let it go by the whisker. We witness the best ever and thrilling ever world cup final in the history but if it was India in place of kiwis, we all know that it would have been a one sided win for India. But fate was against the, as one bad day arrived on the day of a an all important semi final. There were so many news going around the media for the loss, there were so many errors discussed in the media, if course, cricket is celebrated as religion in India, all these heavy media talks are expected when you lose a semi final, especially when it unexpected. What went wrong? Who can we blame? Who should have been done? What should the management do to avoid another defeat like this to avoid the tears of the million fans? Let us discuss the reasons which let India down in today’s column. 

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Top Order Failure:

Top order failure:

First of all, we have to understand the fact that, nothing went wrong for India  in the world cup. Reaching the semi final is always an achievement and basically it is a successful world cup for India. Just because, cricket is everything for the fans, nothing but a cup alone as celebrated as success. It was just a one bad day and that bad day arrived in the crucial semi final, we are sure that if it was IPL style format in the semi final, then India would have been crowned as world champions in 2019. India lost the semi final, the first reason for that is the collapse of the entire top order. All the top three batsmen dismissed for just one run. World’s best batsman Virat Kohli and world’s second ranked batsman Rohit Sharma dismissed cheaply and that did not help the cause of India’s route to the final in the game. 

Over Reliance on Virat Kohli:

Over reliance on Virat Kohli:

Over the four years, India always won games and maintained their rankings in the top three spots. If we take a notice of the matches when India lost, it was when Virat Kohli has failed. It is like, when Virat fails, India lose. It is like, when Virat fails, entire batting collapse. Only hope when Virat collapse will be the mature batting of the legendary Dhoni and time has come that India cant rely on Dhoni anymore, it is not to write him down, but practically it happens with all the legends in their cricketing life. this over reliance was sure to cost India one day, but to be more cruel, it costed India in the very important world cup semi final. After the wicket of Virat, the wickets kept falling in the regular intervals.

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Management Failed to set Up a line up:

Management failed to set up a line up:

We can blame the management for it, we can blame the captain for it, they had years of time, but they did not make a right effort to set up a batting line up which will handle the top order collapse. In 2011, India won the world cup because even Sachin,Sehwag, Gambhir failed in the top, the next batsman was every stylish and dangerous Yuvraj singh who won the man of the tournament in the 2011 world cup. Even if Yuvraj fails, there was Raina and Dhoni to back up. in 2019, the top order was best in the world but there was no one to back up in case of a collapse.

The Painful Run Out:

The painful run out

All the errors was tackled when Dhoni and Jadeja put up a heroic partnership, even when Jadeja got out, the game was still alive as India had the world’s best finisher at the crease. But then came a bulls eye direct hit from martin Guptill which dismissed Dhoni through a run out. If that was not a direct hit, Dhoni would have finished the game in the next 5 balls.

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Dhoni’s Small Error While Heroics:

What Went Wrong for Team India

Dhoni’s knock was great under pressure but he should have also looked for singles which would have kept ticking more runs.


Nothing to worry, the world knows India were the real champions and no team is there in the world to stop India from 2023 world cup.

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